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You can get coffee anywhere  and we kind of mean that literally. In Indonesia coffee is sold everywhere from boutique temples of single-origin elitism to street corners from guys on bicycles. It’s a market with endless choices and standing out in the minds of coffee drinkers is a very, very difficult task.

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In this hyper-competitive atmosphere, Djournal Coffee is an oddity. It’s a chain with impeccable branding. It’s a quality-obsessed coffee outlet like a single-store third wave coven. It approaches a mass market with the ethos of Blue Bottle, but knows that it needs to sell c andy-corn flavored blended coffee drinks to appeal to a broader market.

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What Djournal wanted was an education campaign that would create passionate consumers, which would then educate and breed more passionate consumers. 

 What it needed was
And lo, it was good.

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The Djournal Guide to Coffee was less a social media campaign than it was a serialized coffee-table book published on Tumblr. Stretching to 40,000 words and 250 different illustrations, it was an attempt to bring the entire coffee experience into a single digital space. 

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The research process was extensive. It began with the coffee farmers of Indonesia’s Sunda-region going out to the farms and documenting the process of growing coffee from planting to harvest.

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The process moved on to the roasters that Djournal sources from. It followed the painstaking process of getting the perfect roast, from inspecting the individual green beans to the second-specific timing o f the roast itself. It personalized an extremely complex and detailed process, and made the roasters themselves the star.

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Finally, the guide moved to the barista themselves. Unlike the push-button slingers of the major chains, the Djournal baristas go through months of training and participate in international competitions. The guide followed the barista and made the entire training process a user-friendly journey.

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The Guide was published on Tumblr, one entry a day, for two months. It was supported by three supplementary posts of Instagram giving even greater depth to the subject matter and cracking a litany of pop-culture jokes to poke holes in the self-seriousness that can sometimes overtake the coffee industry.

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The Guide was never intended to be a viral hit, it was intended to be a piece of evergreen content that would only grow more important with every reference, reblog, and industry mention. At present, there are over five hundred industry specific call-outs of Guide material across the internet.

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The material has also been a source of collateral for Djournal outlets, the art repurposed as murals, the copy used on coasters, the jokes put on t-shirts.

The Guide was intended to be something that would live well-beyond the Internet’s 1-day attention span.

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