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Hara Huru Dara is a web series made by and for Indonesian girls. Our goal? Creating a new normal, two minutes at a time.


Percolate Galactic’s task for the The Girl Effect ( a social campaign created by the Nike Foundation) was to create diverse multi-media content addressing some of growing-up’s biggest questions. That work eventually led to the creation of the web platform Springster — publishing 260 original articles a year about everything from feuding friends to life threatening topics like domestic violence, pregnancy, and STD prevention.


As the platform grew, we kept getting asked one question by users:

“Where’s the videos?”


With one of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing adaption of smart phone usage, the young women of Indonesia have shown that they are at the forefront of youth trends; they define local web culture rather than being defined by it.

Hara Huru Dara is adapting some of our best performing articles and turning them into fun, useful, exciting, and entertaining bite-sized video content in order to add an entirely new dimension to the Springster experience.



springster rame-02.png

The first season of Hara Huru Dara features a group of young Indonesian women who are as interesting, inspiring, funny, and brave as the young women who will be watching the videos. Our hosts for this season include:

HHD Girls-02.png


HHD Girls-03.png


HHD Girls-04.png


HHD Girls-05.png


HHD Girls-06.png


HHD Girls-07.png





With ten episodes, our first season covered everything from a takedown of catcalling culture to tips on preparing for job interviews to a light-hearted deconstruction of harmful period myths.