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We do enchantingly weird and majestically wonderful, award-winning work drawn in the traditional 2D frame-by-frame style of the golden age of animation. Our first animated short, Terrorvision 3000, was nominated for the prestigious Piala Citra film award for Best Animation 2018. We lost and they pronounced our studio name wrong on national TV.

We were still honored.


In an age where any random Swedish teen can point a camera at themselves as they play video games and become higher paid than most Hollywood actors, we only had one thought: how do we get in on that action?

We quickly realized nobody wants to watch us play Nintendo. We pivoted to making award-winning shorts, web videos, films, and commercials for some of the largest #brands on Earth.


From logos to illustrations to packaging to motion graphics to custom fonts used by literally 10s of people, Percolate Galactic’s design department can do it. Our design work ranges from the abstract to the deeply practical, and has appeared in media on every continent except Antarctica.


You know that scene in Mad Men? The Carousel one? The one where a piece of manufactured plastic gained mythic resonance for a generation?

Our work is nothing like that, as Mad Men was fictional. We have, however, provided global and Southeast Asian campaign work for over thirty different major corporations including Google, Girl Effect, [redacted], GIPHY, Grab, and others.

Case studies available.