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The Internet cares not for yesterday. It wants the new, the novel, the LOL-worthy and the informative — and it demands it hourly. 

When Indonesia’s best foodie start-up Qraved hired us to spearhead their content-marketing platform, the challenges were big and the possible rewards even bigger. We were going to invent internet food writing in a country that’s F&B culture still revolved around monthly print magazines.

Percolate Galactic organized Qraved’s content creation process into an assembly line of editorial writers, photographers, and social media strategists. Over the course of four months, 220 editorial pieces rolled off the factory floor; everything from interviews with some of Jakarta and Bali’s best chefs to in-depth process pieces on local restaurant trends to instantly-shareable listicles. Expansive editorial calendars were created to seize every foodie opportunity we could find. Articles were quickly broken down for social media posting and eDM use. 


Gamelan performances — a series of rhythmic, echoing percussion beats that fold and cascade on top of each other — take place daily, making an experience that already borders on slightly surreal seem just a little bit more like a fevered dream. - Treetop Ayung


It’s like walking in on someone’s memory of a time and place, and then having diner there. - Treetop Ayung


Eating there is, in short, transcendentally #fancy.


And even if there were, theyʼd be cool simply by osmosis. - Mama San


Eating there is, in short, transcendentally #fancy. -Dessert


Think of it as an episode of Breaking Bad, except with delicious bowls of ice cream rather than tragedy and betrayal. - Dessert BBS


The desserts at Odysseia are a constant reminder that love is unconditional and eternal, and occasionally drenched in rum and chocolate and then eaten. - Love is a Dessert


You can totally marry a cake made of Nutella. Thereʼs nothing wrong with that. - Love is a Dessert


Their Red Tom Yam Seafood will challenge and destroy any feelings of life-sucking apathy you might have. - Eating Way Ikea -


The Kafir Lime is elegant, the kind of drink that allows you to maintain a Fitzgerald-esque aura of nonchalance. - Rooftop Romance


For people who truly love it, coffee is a kind of church, and Common Grounds is in the business of winning converts and saving souls. - Common Grounds


People act like people should, the menus are delightful, and your coffee is craftsmanship. - Brunch


Life should be a grand event, not an archaic ritual: to eat and live well is a lifestyle. - Brunch


At the conclusion of the campaign, traffic was spiking, social media was humming, and an entire country had a massive volume of evergreen gastronomic lore to pore over. 


Can we cook, or can we cook?