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Sometimes we get projects with involved briefs and elaborate, multi-page KPIs. Weeks pass as not a pixel is wasted until we study the problem to make sure that every possible tangent is accounted for, every eventuality considered, every exhaust port welded shut lest rebel pilots hit a target no bigger than a womp rat.

And then sometimes we just get to make sweet freaking .gifs for cool clients who want Internet likes.

For Singtel’s launch of the FOX+ streaming video app, we were approached with a simple brief: create buzz for movies that are already established classics. The problem was that we didn’t want to cross any copyright red-lines by creating new materials for established properties. 


The solution was
a series of visual riddles.


The results were a serious uptick in engagement and interest for movies that had long since hit rival streaming services. The results only could have been better with one final element; sadly, they didn’t decide to stream 1997's Nicholas Cage classic Con Air.