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Percolate Galactic is Southeast Asia’s only FULL-SERVICE global youth CREATIVE laboratory & STUDIO.

We come in four great flavors, OFFERING an integrated solution for the CHALLENGES of this strange new century.


GALAKTIK STUDIOS is the (in)famous production house and creative arm of Percolate Galactic.

From animated shorts to GIFs to illustrations to branding, we can draw it. From books to Tweets, we can write it. From offbeat music videos to high-production value shorts, we can film it.

GALAKTIK STUDIOS: there’s nothing we cannot create. (Except robots. The government says we can’t make any more robots.)


A digital campaign is like an iceberg: you only see a small fraction of it, and it will inevitably lead to doom for Leonardo DiCaprio.

GALAKTIK DIGITAL prides itself on being the whole iceberg — from the breathtaking influencers dominating the horizon, to the icy depths of quantitative analytics that enable us to refine and perfect our campaigns, there's no part of the digital landscape that we don't harness.

In short, GALAKTIK DIGITAL is all things internet.


Before you can ever hope to have an answer, you’ve got to know what the question actually is.

GALAKTIK STRAT is Percolate Galactic’s research and strategy arm, dedicated to providing a cultural and economic context to the underlying questions that confront our clients. 

...You could even call us a SWOT Team.

(We’re sorry.)


As Indonesia's first certified B Corporation, Percolate Galactic believes in business as a force for good™, and GALAKTIK GOOD is how we transform that ideology into action.

GALAKTIK GOOD harnesses all of the knowledge, experience, and creative energy of GALAKTIK STUDIOS, GALAKTIK DIGITAL, and GALAKTIK STRAT and uses it to help NGOs, organizations, small businesses, and individuals transform their messaging into movements. 


We speak a thousand languages, but we're all on Instagram. We have different faiths, but we all watch Star Wars. We live on different continents, but we all take selfies. This is Global Youth. We're undergoing a paradigm shift. Smile.


We filter global youth culture through the lens of Indonesian culture. We do what works. We discard what doesn't. We find what's next.


We're a team of people devoted to an idea and a way of doing things. We move fast, we learn fast, and we adapt fast. We're culturally omnivorous. We're aesthetically athletic. Our skills and our worldview scales. Our overhead does not.