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Dooit is an app that aims to increase financial literacy, empower young people to plan for their futures, and affect positive behavior change through a dynamic and engaging digital experience.

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the world that they're growing up in is unrecognizable to what their parents experienced when they were in their teens. The rapid adoption of mobile phones started in the mid-2000s and has culminated in the mass spread of Facebook and chat applications, changing the very fabric of society. In order for Dooit to find the kind of broad usage that inspires measurable change in the lives of Indonesian teens, social media had to play an integral role.

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of the developing world’s digital future. We have one of the highest rates of social media use on Earth, with McKinsey recently estimating that between 66 - 70 million Indonesians are daily social media users. When it comes down to our target demographic, local research agency JakPat suggests in a June 2016 study that 8-in-10 of Indonesians age 16-19 have opened Facebook in the last week.



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Our team came up with hundreds of possible names for the app and initiative.

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Using high-level market research and our own instincts, we internally narrowed the list down to a handful of our favorite naming options.

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We conducted a full audit of the web to make sure that those top options were widely available, would have good SEO, and were free of conflict from other brand initiatives.

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To build user engagement and a create a sense of brand ownership, we allowed our users and target demographic to vote on their favorite names.

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Over the course of several weeks, we used sponsored Facebook polls aimed at the target demographic to gather results and feedback on the name.

DOOIT Portofolio-11.png

And the young people spoke! We ended up with the quirky and fantastic moniker of Dooit, and a brand was born.

DOOIT Portofolio-12.png

This collaborative design process continued throughout the Dooit branding and product development.

Once a name was established, we moved on to logo, art direction, mascot, app functionality, and even the voice and tone of the in-app copy Dooit’s users and target demographic played a pro-active role in determining every aspect of how the app and initiative would look, feel, and sound.

By including the users in the design process, we ensured that we created a product that felt like it was created specifically by-and-for them, and we entered the market with a built-in sense of brand loyalty and recognition.

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At the end of the co-design process, we ended up with a simple, clean, and iconic logo that evokes an immediate cultural attachment: Enter the chicken bank.

While many countries use piggy banks, Indonesians prefer to save their money in ceramic chickens. The chicken bank icon lends itself to easy adaptation across multiple platforms and can be easily identified when rendered at small sizes.

It's an icon that is immediately identifiable, but completely different than anything else in the market.

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In March 2017, after a year of research, concepting, designing, and development, the Dooit app went live in the Google Play Store. The app remained in beta while we learned how Indonesian students and teachers would interact with it, but the overall feedback was overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic.

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For the Dooit launch campaign, we collaborated with the singer / songwriter / actress / all-around-awesome chick Sheryl Sheinafia. In addition t o the general social media promotions that Sheryl participated in, we held a one hour live chat on Facebook. It was an hour of songs, laughter, questions and answers, and frenzied excitement from Dooit's users.



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The work that we did on Dooit was one of our proudest achievements. The app has the potential to make a lasting economic impact on the lives of Indonesian youth an impact that will last for the generations to come: good habits are contagious. By collaborating with The Nike Foundation, Girl Effect, the Praekelt Foundation, and Save the Children, we were able to pool our collective experiences, resources, and expertise to build the foundation for a global initiative that will encourage positive behavior change and increased financial literacy in young people around the world.

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Helped to identify key partners to engage on the initiative.

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Conducted ongoing QA and UI/UX work on the app. (But we didn’t build out the app! The app development was done by a firm in South Africa.)

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Coordinated and participated in digital and offline focus groups with the target demographic.

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Conceptualized, created, and executed the offline activation campaign. (Including the sourcing of all collateral.)

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Coordinated and participated in the   co-design process.

DOOIT Portofolio-30.png

Conceptualized, created, and executed the digital activation campaign. (Including the management of a $50,000 USD digital   ad buy.)

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Created the entire Dooit brand identity, including the name, the logo, the art direction, the app design, the voice, the editorial guidelines, and all other components required to execute the project.

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Conceptualized, created, and executed the influencer campaign. (Including contracting and negotiations.)

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Designed and built a micro-site & a complete website for the initiative.

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Preparation of detailed reports and analytics for both the app and the campaign.

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Created all of the copy and content required to build the app, including the development of a chat bot. (The app works via a guided AI experience.)

DOOIT Portofolio-33.png

Created an ongoing social media campaign toolkit, including monthly editorial calendars, daily socmed posts, a moderation handbook, and reporting templates for the Save the Children team to use for their in-house implementation and ongoing management of the Dooit initiative.

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...And all of that was done 100%    in-house, without engaging any third-party contractors or freelancers.

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